Erin and Craig: Yeah! We’re Married!

The first highlight film I created from Erin and Craig’s wedding at the Inn at Wild Rose Hall in Austin, TX. Being part of this event was such a blessing to me. I had such fun filming Erin (…one of the most relaxed brides I’ve ever videotaped), enjoyed hearing Craig’s jokes and met great people….Thank you Erin and Craig!

2 Comments on “Erin and Craig: Yeah! We’re Married!

  1. Daniel did such an AMAZING job of capturing our special day. I feel so blessed to have video of the day because I get to relive those absolutely great moments again and again! He did a great job of portraying us and our personalities with the music selection and how he edited together all the footage. I am still in awe over how much he was able to capture since I hardly noticed him taking video the entire day. He was so discreet about shooting that most people were relaxed on camera which made for a stunning collection of videos. I can’t think of a better videographer to put together such an artful and beautiful wedding video collection. Thanks so much Daniel!!! We highly recommend you to anyone! Brides, if you didn’t plan on video in your wedding budget….find a way to fit it in! Worth every penny!!! -Erin Powell

  2. I forgot to mention the SUPER fast turn around time! I couldn’t believe it when he was done editing everything in less than 2 weeks. That’s unheard of in the wedding business! – Erin Powell

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