Jennifer & Kurtis: Starting our Lives Together…

Highlight film of Jennifer and Kurtis’ wedding in DeSoto, Texas on Saturday April 6, 2013.

Jennifer and Kurtis’ wedding has been so unique in many ways that I might need 30 pages to list all the beautiful details and moments of their celebration. Let me simply comment on one thing that deeply amazed me: the couple’s incredible excitement about their big day! Everything about Jennifer and Kurtis showed that they were super excited about getting married and proclaiming their love to the whole world. They were so proud and happy to stand in front of the people they love and take each other as husband and wife. That was one of the most magical moments of their wedding day: when the couple looked at each other in the eyes and said their vows with a voice full of indescribable emotions. Jennifer and Kurtis have truly enjoyed every moment of their Big day and they successfully made it a landmark, a day they will look back on for a lifetime, the beginning of their lives together…

Congratulations Jennifer and Kurtis and thank you for granting me the honor of filming your special day!!! May your life be filled with nothing but joyful and happy days!

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