Claire & Olisa: Love At Last!

Highlight film of Claire and Olisa’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday April 7, 2013.

Claire and Olisa’s big day was saturated with all the emotions that characterize great wedding celebrations: joy, laughing, tears, happiness, and excitement. They chose to make their special day a family event, a memory-creating moment and a celebration of everlasting love and friendship. The most striking thing to me was the amount of love that each member of their families expressed to them. What a blessing to be surrounded by loved ones on your wedding day!

It is always said that a marriage brings two families together. Claire and Olisa’s wedding day proved this saying to be true. Their marriage has literally united two families with two different stories. It’s always amazing to me how Heavens manage to beautifully bring two hearts (and their past) together! I really enjoyed spending the day with Claire, Olisa and their families. I was lucky to have my eyes buried behind my camera and no one was able to see the tears of joy I also shed!!!

Thank you to you, Claire and Olisa, for giving me the opportunity of filming such a memorable event. I was deeply moved by your generosity. You even offered gifts to your vendors! I’ve never seen that before! May the Lord who has brought you together strengthen your relationship each passing day and bless you more abundantly!

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