Emaly & Jeremy: A Soldier Stole My Heart

Highlight film of Emaly and Jeremy’s wedding in Baytown, Texas on Friday April 26, 2013.

I always consider myself highly privileged to have the opportunity of filming the wedding of a member of the armed forces. The wedding ceremony is probably my favorite moment since there are usually some elements that you won’t find in civilian weddings. For example, the attire of the serviceman or woman is often different and the ceremony itself has an incredible level of formality (I’d even say ‘patriotism’).

Emaly and Jeremy had a cute ceremony in the presence of their parents and friends. Everybody couldn’t help praising them as a beautiful couple. Their union is so beautiful that I felt like spending my time taking videos of them only. I didn’t want their first dance to come to an end. I found it to be a magical moment when the couple’s dance saturated the room with an atmosphere of love and tenderness. I’m so glad that Emaly and Jeremy, as soul mates, have found each other. I pray that their love will grow stronger, deeper and sweeter each day of their lives.

Thank you again Emaly and Jeremy for giving me the precious privilege of capturing the memories of your special day. Wish you all the best!

2 Comments on “Emaly & Jeremy: A Soldier Stole My Heart

  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you Daniel ….. The videos are wonderful, Im so glad I found you (on Craigslist lol) …. Our budget was very tight (over) and you worked with me and still did a fantastic job, I Love it!!!!! I will recommend you to everyone 🙂

    Leila (Mother of the Bride)

  2. Leila, I’m glad that you like my videos. I’m the one who should thank you for granting me the honor of filming your daughter’s wedding. Will remember it as one of the most unique and beautiful weddings I’ve ever videotaped! Emaly and Jeremy are really a gorgeous couple!!!!

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