Stella & Paul: Two Friends, Two Hearts, One Promise, One Love.

Highlight film of Stella and Paul’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday May 11, 2013.

Stella and Paul’s wedding has been fantastically unique. The event was full of shining colors, spiritual songs and joyful dances. I have been particularly amazed by the Bride’s expression of her faith, excitement and love. As time was flying and the bridal party was being rushed to get ready for the church, Stella would still use her few seconds to lift her hands and burst into praises. Quite amazing! She danced, sang praises to her God, sang love songs to her groom, knelt down to worship, screamed her vow…Stella will remain in my memory as one of the most enthusiastic and happiest brides of all times. As the minister said at the ceremony, Paul is a “blessed man because he picked a wonderful, wonderful wife, mate and love of his life”. Stella and Paul will beautifully complement each other as they walk together in life. I pray that their union may overcome all types of challenges and last forever.

Thank you Stella and Paul for your kind heart and allowing my partner and I to spend such a great and special day with you.

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