Lillian & Ian: Love Forever

Highlight film of Lillian and Ian’s wedding in Carrollton, The Colony & Dallas, Texas on Saturday June 1st, 2013.

What a wonderful time we had with Lillian and Ian on their wedding day! We first had the honor of attending the rehearsal at the church and the dinner in The Colony, TX on Friday. By that time, I already  knew that the wedding will be beautiful. The actual big day started Saturday morning with the groom and his guys getting ready in Carrollton, TX while the bride and her company preparing themselves in The Colony, TX. Hours went so fast! Around 12:30pm, it was time for a convoy from the groom’s family to come to the bride’s house to take her away to the ceremony place…with songs of joy and praises to God!

The whole day was filled with traditional songs and dances. And, Lillian and Ian’s wedding helped us discover and enjoy some of the beauties of Kenya wedding traditions. An important moment of the day come when parents and elders from both families give marital advice to the couple. I think, I was privileged to hear from Lillian and Ian’s parents some of the wisest and most profound words that could be said about the secrets to a successful marriage (Praise God I can understand Swahili!).

Lillian and Ian, I know, all those words of wisdom will greatly bless your life and your marriage will last forever! Thank you for allowing me to film such a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception. You both have wonderful families and friends who really honored you. I pray that your passion for each other may be new every morning so that you may enjoy together many decades of joy and happiness!

Note: A special Thank You to all the members of my team who helped me cover Lillian and Ian’s wedding (Thank you guys, you’ve all been amazing!!!).

Photographers: Clark Patterson and Bill Bartz—–Videographers: Joseph Alan Hite, Crystal Hollis and myself (Daniel K.)

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  1. God bless your marriage. We love you and missed the event…how we wish it was near

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    On June 1st, 2013, my partner Joseph and I were part of a Videography team capturing the wedding of Lilian and Ian. It was a very beautiful and unique wedding; I am glad to have the honor to film their special day. We captured the ceremony in Dallas and captured their reception at SMU. Their wedding had both contemporary modern characteristics and traditional Kenyan culture. This is the second wedding I have worked on. It was a great learning experience working with Daniel (the leader of the team). I look forward to more opportunities to capture weddings.

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