Cheri & Reid: You Make Me Fall in Love With You Everyday

Highlight film of Cheri and Reid’s wedding in Shiner, Texas on Saturday June 15, 2013.

There are a bunch of things that make me excited about filming a particular wedding. One of them is certainly the specific location of the event. I’m always super excited whenever a wedding is taking place at a venue, in a town or in a city I haven’t worked before. And usually, when I get to a new town, I drive around to get the feel of the place since in most cases, a wedding will reflect the color and the spirit of the place where it’s happening.

So, I couldn’t wait to go to Shiner, TX and film Cheri and Reid’s wedding. They got married in a church that is considered one of the most famous and historic sites of the town. The church was sublime and the ceremony was incredibly beautiful with a fantastic line-up of the wedding party. A special thing took place during the vows: the officiant turned his back to the congregation and spoke to the couple facing each other near the altar. It’s been a long time since I last saw such a line-up. I found it really original and beautiful.

Thank you Cheri and Reid for giving me the opportunity of visiting Shiner, TX and filming such a gorgeous wedding (I was amazed by your kindness and I totally looooved your rose flower theme!!!). I wish you nothing but many years of endless love and happiness.

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