Keri and Garett: Today When I Say Yes to You…

Highlight film of Keri and Garett’s wedding at Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, Texas on Sunday November 3rd, 2013.

Keri and Garett’s wedding was so fun and sweet. I loved the bride’s smile as she was walking down the aisle. I could read an abundance of joy and happiness in her magical smile. Beautiful moment. I loved the groom’s relaxed & laid-back attitude and presence. There was no sign of stress on his face. On the contrary, he glowingly radiated confidence and tenderness for his bride. What I loved the most was Keri and Garett’s hanging of their vow notes on a plant that stood right behind the officiant. This made their ceremony unique and profoundly romantic. The couple were preceded by their parents who, after reading love letters to their children, tied those letters to the plant. To me, this plant symbolized the union of two hearts and two families that decide to live together, grow together, flourish together, and bear fruits together.

Congratulations Keri and Garett on having such a unique wedding day. It was a great honor to be a part of your big day. May your home be always filled with happiness and may your love grow like a baobab, going higher and deeper every day.

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