Marisol & Vincent: Honey, Your Love is So Sweet…

Highlight film of Marisol and Vincent’s wedding at Canyon Springs Golf Club in San Antonio, TX on Sunday December 8th, 2013.

I spent such an extraordinarily great day with Marisol and Vincent. They are both very very nice people. It takes three minutes of conversation to become friends with them and laugh with them…I found the groom to be a handsome guy, relaxed, down-to-earth, even-tempered…just cool. The bride is simply very beautiful…with a bewitchingly gorgeous smile. I enjoyed working with Marisol and Vincent! They also have wonderful and nice parents; and their extended families are simply amazing (let me say a big thank you to Lauren and Andrew for their kindness!)

The wedding ceremony was a cute one. The couple confidently expressed their love in front of their families and friends. The reception that followed was so lively that we all had a blast. One of the great moments of the night was the performance of the Mariachi group. These guys really know their stuff. It was awesome to film them sing and dance for the enjoyment of the couple and their guests.

Marisol and Vincent, congratulations on your beautiful wedding and thank you for letting me be a part of it. Together, you make such a fantastic couple. I see many many decades of love and happiness ahead of you. Happy New Year to you!

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