Kelsey & Nathan: I’ll Stand By You, Always and Forever

Highlight film of Kelsey and Nathan’s wedding at Freedom Fellowship Church and Boulder Springs in New Braunfels, Texas on Tuesday December 31, 2013

For several years, I stayed away from any camera work on each December 31st. In 2013, something told me to give it a try again. So, I accepted Kelsey and Nathan’s request to film their wedding. I’m so happy I made that decision because I had a fantastic day with the couple. It felt so great and easy to work with Kelsey and Nathan. They both have wonderful personalities, their love for each other is so real and spontaneous, and their relatives are very friendly. To me, the most impressive thing about Kelsey and Nathan’s special day was the joy the couple have expressed throughout the whole day. They glowingly radiated such an indescribable joy and happiness. Their sharing of vows is one of my favorite moments because one can see how their faces shone with the joyous emotions that filled their heart.

Kelsey and Nathan, you are such an amazing couple! May God help you keep your passion and joy alive each day of your lives. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me. I’ll never forget it!

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