Lexy & Spencer: My High School Sweetheart, My Best Friend, My Soulmate…

Highlight film of Lexy and Spencer’s wedding at Mercury Hall in Austin, TX on Monday, January 6th, 2014.

The chemistry between Lexy and Spencer is extraordinarily unique. They passionately love each other, they have fun together, they smile together, they laugh together…they simply are best friends and soulmates. Their wedding day was filled with so many fun moments. The funniest one was the couple’s cake cutting. Spencer had no idea that his bride had been cleverly cooking up a secret plan for the occasion. Before he could realize it, Spencer had his face covered with a big piece of cake. That was cute and adorable! Anyway, here is a warning to all the future grooms: keep your eyes wide open when you and your brides are cutting the cake…you never know where the attack will come from. LOL!!!

Lexy and Spencer, I enjoyed every second of your big day. You are such a happy couple; you see the good side of everything and you laugh at things that go wrong. You’re just amazing! I wish both of you a happy, fun-filled and prosperous married life.

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