Rachel & Brandon: I Marry my First and Last Love

Highlight film of Rachel and Brandon’s wedding at The Admiral at Endeavour Marina in Seabrook, Texas on April 12, 2014.

Rachel and Brandon are superbly made for each other. It doesn’t take long to realize these two are authentic soul mates, best friends, sugar and coffee, moon and earth, fish and water. Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and romantic. The Clear Lake sunset added a magical tone to the moment. As the couple said their vows to each other, time and water seemed to freeze. Sincere and deep love filled the air.

It’s a great honor for me to witness and capture such an intense moment on video. Rachel and Brandon, thank you so much for granting that honor to me. I really loved how laid-back, agreeable and relaxed you were on your wedding day. I wish you tons of joy and happiness each day of your lives.


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