Katie & Oscar: No Longer Two, But One Flesh

Highlight film of Katie and Oscar’s wedding ceremony at Central Christian Church and wedding reception at Driskill Hotel in Downtown Austin, Texas on Saturday June 14, 2014.

This is what I find the most fascinating thing about Katie and oscar: their love has stood the test of time, distance and absence. To me, the couple seem to share an unyielding commitment to one another, making their love indestructible. I strongly believe in their vows. No matter what, I believe, Katie and Oscar will always come through on the vows they expressed to each other. By the way, their vows were so beautiful…one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever heard!

Katie and Oscar, I’m so glad you allowed my team and I to capture the memories of your extremely fabulous wedding day. Both of your personalities are so fantastic that working with you felt so great. May your love overcome all future challenges and grow stronger and stronger each day!

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