Ginger & Nneji: My Only One

Highlight film of Ginger and Nneji’s wedding ceremony at Shoreline Church and wedding reception at UT Austin Union, Shirley Bird Perry Ballroom in Austin, TX on Saturday August 23, 2014.

From the first day I met Ginger and Nneji, I loved everything about them. They are very cheerful and friendly people. Their union is an amazing love story since they both come from two totally different backgrounds and traditions. The power of love has brought them together and united their families. Ginger and Nneji are now inseparably one. Their wedding celebration was unprecedentedly phenomenal, spectacular, grandiose and marvelous!!! Ginger, Nneji and their guests really brought down the UT Shirley Bird Perry Ballroom with their joyful dancing and singing. My team and I felt so privileged to be a part of this celebration.

Thank you Ginger and Nneji for trusting us with the task of immortalizing your precious memories. You were both created to be together and I know that your love will last forever and ever!

One Comment on “Ginger & Nneji: My Only One

  1. What a great video Daniel! This wedding was nothing short of amazing and you did a great job capturing it. I was honored to be a part of such a magical day and to also work with you. Congrats!

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