Narine & Brian: Perfect Together

Highlight film of Narine and Brian’s wedding at the Venetian Terrace in Las Colinas in Irving, Texas on Saturday September 27, 2014.

This event will be remembered as of the most awesome weddings ever celebrated in Texas. Everything was so unique. Narine and Brian are a young and gorgeous couple. They got married at a very romantic and elegant place, the Venetian Terrace. The ceremony was a charming moment for both the couple and their guests. The reception was one of the most eventful events I’ve ever filmed. The room was filled with so much joy, happiness and daannnnciiing!!!! Oh, I forgot to mention the exquisitely delicious food! The amount of food served that night was unprecedentedly¬† GIGANTIC (and so succulent)!!! There was enough food to feed 1,000 guests! WOW!

Narine and Brian, congratulations on your incredibly spectacular wedding day! I just feel honored for having been a part of it. You’re so perfect together that, I believe, your marriage will always be filled with love, joy and success!

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