Kaytlynn & Robert: Perfect Pair

Highlight film of Kaytlynn and Robert’s wedding at Lindsay Lakes in Cypress, TX on Sunday October 19, 2014.

Getting to know Kaytlynn and Robert was a lot of fun and it was such a joy to work with them! Their love has something so special and so unique with it that I just can’t effectively describe it with words. It’s a mixture of passion, respect, genuineness and tenderness. When they look at each other, their eyes reveal that these two are made for each other. What a ‘perfect pair’! They got married at a beautiful place, Lindsay Lakes in Cypress, where family and friends came together to hear the couple proclaim their vows. And, after attending the splendid wedding ceremony, all the guests enjoyed a delicious dinner followed by a fun evening of dancing.

Kaytlynn and Robert, you both have wonderful personalities (and gorgeous smiles by the way -:). Working with you was a great blessing. I pray that you may overcome all obstacles in your marriage and stay together forever and ever!


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