Esele & Travis: Will Always Love You Forever

Highlight film of Esele and Travis’ wedding ceremony at the Stone Chapel of Lanier Theological Library and the reception at VIP by La Fontaine in Houston, TX on Saturday January 31, 2015.

I’m having some difficulties finding the right adjective to describe the beauty of Esele and Travis’ wedding day. The words “Unique”, “incredible” or “amazing” don’t seem to do justice to the greatness of the event. The chapel at Lanier Theological Library was breathtakingly awesome and the hall at VIP La Fontaine seemed to having been decorated by angelic hands. However, the greatest beauty of the day was the couple. Esele and Travis have wonderful personalities. They’re so nice and so friendly that it just feels great to hang around them. The couple had one of the most vibrant and lively weddings I’ve ever filmed, full of emotional and funny moments.

Esele and Travis, congratulations on your fantastic celebration. You guys aced it! May God always keep you in love forever and bless all the works of your hands!

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