Pasha & Gary: You Complete Me

Highlight film of Pasha and Gary’s wedding at Heart of Texas Ranch in Marble Falls, TX on Saturday March 7, 2015.

Was a great pleasure to work with Pasha and Gary. They make a fantastic couple that anyone would enjoy meeting and spending time with. They share a special bond that set them apart from any other couple. Pasha and Gary look at each other passionately in the eyes, they laugh together, they sing together and beautifully dance together. To me, they are like the moon and the earth, water and fire, wind and rain or sugar and coffee. The chemistry between them is genuine and powerful.

The couple had such a fun and relaxed wedding. There were funny, cute and precious moments at almost every minute of the day. A lot tears—of joy—were shed at the ceremony, during the vows and the toasts.  And there was the laughing. Oh Lord…If anybody who attended this “selfie-filled” wedding says that they didn’t have a good laugh at all, then they were either dead or seriously sick.

Pasha and Gary, congratulations on having such a wonderful celebration. I’m so glad I was a part of your beautiful special day. I wish you and your family an endless overflowing of  God’s blessings!

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