Josephine and David: They Lived Happily Ever After

Highlight film of Josephine and David’s wedding at the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, TX on Friday April 3rd, 2015

Happy tears were an ongoing part of Josephine and David’s special day. This couple had one of the most emotional wedding ceremonies I’ve ever filmed! Their vows were uniquely powerful, loaded with deep love and passion. It felt great to witness this God-ordained union! Josephine and David are just exceptional in every way. The bride is so sweet, her voice so charming, her smile so beautiful. The groom is very handsome, always keeping a fantastic smile on his face (I wondered how he is able to do it so easily???). David must be the most patient man on the earth. He has waited SEVEN YEARS to be able to marry the woman of his dreams. WOW! I can only see one thing that might explain that: God has created Josephine and David to live together! Throughout these years, by His Grace, He has kept their passion and love alive.

Guests came from far away to witness Josephine and David’s joyful celebration. The couple are truly blessed with great parents, family and friends. They all sang and danced with so much excitement that it was obvious that everybody loves the couple to bits and pieces. Listening to the sound of the tam-tam and the songs that women chanted was one of my favorite moments of the day. Their singing and dancing extraordinarily released abundant joy and happiness that quickly filled the air surrounding all the buildings of the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, TX.

Josephine and David, I can spend a whole day talking about the beauties of your wedding day. It was amazing to work with you. I believe your marriage will last forever! If your love was able to overcome the tough test of time, I can assure you that you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that will come your way. Many more blessings to you!

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