Jenni & Jay: God Gave Me You

Highlight film of Jenni and Jay’s wedding at Riverbend Church in Austin, TX on Saturday April 11, 2015.

On this wedding day, you could feel the excitement build as the couple prepare to be married in the beautiful chapel of the Riverbend Church. Jenni and Jay have spent months making preparations for their special day and it finally came! Their eyes were filled with love and passion for each other and my assistant and I were just thrilled to capture all the emotions and the precious moments throughout the day. And, there were so many memorable moments at this wedding: the couple reading letters they wrote to each other, the bride’s dad seeing her daughter in her gorgeous dress, the two dads officiating the ceremony, the vows (of course), the couple and their daughter performing the sand ceremony, the special dances at the reception and so many more. Personally, what struck me the most was the love and support that both the bride and groom’s mothers expressed toward their children. They were there ready to help and demonstrate their love. It was so beautiful to witness!

Jenni and Jay, you guys are amazing in your love and faith. You seem like you’ve been best friends since your childhood. I pray that your love and passion for each other may grow stronger and stronger each passing day. Thank you for your friendship and for allowing us to be a part of your magical day!

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