Gaga & Dele: A Divine Union

Highlight film of Gaga and Dele’s wedding ceremony at Winners’ Chapel Church and reception at Signature Manor in Houston, TX on Saturday May 30th, 2015.

This one was a fun-filled wedding celebration. No word can truly describe the joy and happiness that the couple, their family and friends exhibited throughout the day. It’s always so beautiful to see wedding couples get married and enjoy every hour of their wedding day. Gaga and Dele did more than that. They enjoyed every minute and every second of it. As you watch their wedding video, look at their faces and you’ll see happiness, jubilation and enjoyment written deep in their eyes. The bride particularly looked stunning throughout the ceremony and the reception as she delightfully and smilingly danced with joy.

Gaga and Dele, your event was the wedding of the year! Everything was fantastic and excellent. Congratulations again on such a great wedding celebration. God has brought you together for a wonderful purpose and together, you’ll fulfill it. May His Grace and Presence fill your home every single day of your lives!

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