Fiona & Kehinde: The One I Waited For

Highlight film of Fiona and Kehinde’s wedding ceremony at City on the Hill Evangelical Ministry and wedding reception at Palms Banquet Hall in Houston, TX on Saturday December 12th, 2015.

Fiona and Kehinde are a wonderful couple and I really enjoyed capturing their big day. I always love seeing smiles and this wedding day was full of them! In addition to smiles, the event was saturated with laughter, food, drinks and dancing.

Fiona and Kehinde, you two have such a sincere love for each other, so sincere that it really shines throughout your wedding video. I pray that your love will keep shining brighter and brighter for many decades to come. At the reception, you’ve been blessed with so many sets of twins that, I believe, your house will always be filled with abundant joy and happiness!

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