MacGregor & Jonathan: A Great and Pure Love

Highlight film of MacGregor and Jonathan’s wedding at Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom in Austin, TX on Sunday March 6, 2016.

These two make such a beautiful couple and their wedding day was a gorgeous, wonderful, splendid, and joyful occasion! MacGregor and Jonathan are truly blessed with great families and friends who excitedly came to Barr Mansion to express their love and support for these two love birds. The couple chose the perfect location for their event. Indeed, there is no other venue in Texas that compares with Barr Mansion and its fantastic Artisan Ballroom. This place was filled with laughter and joy all night long!

MacGregor and Jonathan, thank you for allowing my assistant and I to be a part of your memorable wedding day. We deeply appreciated the honor. May God continue to bless your union and keep your love great and pure forever and ever!

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