Paige & Casey: We’ll Make Each Other Stronger

Highlight film of Paige and Casey’s wedding at Occasions at Stone River in Royce City on Saturday March 26, 2016.

What a beautiful day we witnessed at Occasions at Stone River! The weather was gorgeous, the venue was elegantly superb and the wedding couple were deeply in love with each other! Anyone who meets these two love birds is likely to be struck by the passion that unites them, a passion so genuine that it feels the air. Casey, in particular, was so passionate and so super excited about marrying Paige that he couldn’t wait for the end of the ceremony to “kiss the bride.” This “incident” was one of the funniest moments of the wedding day, moments that, I believe, the couple will always remember.

Paige and Casey, it’s been a great honor to work with your family again. I truly love your joyful spirit, your faith, your kindness and I hope I’ll have another opportunity of meeting you all again when I film the wedding of one of your brothers, sisters, cousins or friends. You guys have always been wonderful people to work with. May God keep and protect your passion for each other and always fill your hearts with a strong team spirit so that your marriage may overcome all challenges and last forever and ever!!!

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