Traci & Cody: A Lifetime of Being With You

Highlight film of Traci and Cody’s wedding in Castroville, Texas on April 16, 2016.

Congratulations to Traci and Cody for having one of the cutest and greatest outdoor weddings we’ve ever witnessed in Central Texas. The funny thing is that, few hours before the ceremony, since mother weather was acting up, the couple wanted to switch venues and go to an indoor location in San Antonio, TX. Everybody was glad that the couple stuck with their Plan A. The location in Castroville was very beautiful, the weather eventually ended up being nice and all guests enjoyed a fun and memorable celebration.

Good job Traci and Cody! You’re such an amazing couple and I really like your faith in God. Your planting of the tree during the wedding ceremony was a special moment that I witnessed for the first time. God will bless you and make your love grow like a tree that nothing can bring down!!!


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