Ivanna & Ricardo: You’re My Best Friend

Highlight film of Ivanna and Ricardo’s wedding ceremony at San Francesco Di Paola Church and wedding reception at Magnolia Halle in San Antonio, TX on Saturday June 3, 2017.

Love stories are always unique. Well, that of Ivanna and Ricardo is more than unique, it’s funny and beautiful. Let’s be honest, who can imagine a bride sitting on her ring? Yep, Ivanna sat on it and I’ll let you watch the film to know what happened next 🙂

Ivanna and Ricardo make such a perfect couple. They met when they were so young and time has done nothing but deepen their love. Everything about their wedding day was fantastically gorgeous. What probably impressed me the most was the great love that families and friends demonstrated toward the couple throughout the whole day. That’s the kind of love that makes a wedding a special and memorable celebration.

Ivanna and Ricardo, the love and bond the two of you share is just amazing to watch. I pray that you never lose the spark of your passion and each passing day, your union may become stronger and stronger. As one person said at your wedding, keep falling…keep falling in love every day! Many blessings to you! Daniel

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