Emily & Mike: I’ll Choose You Over and Over

Highlight film of Emily and Mike’s wedding at Olde Dobbin Station in Montgomery, TX on Friday November 03, 2017.

You want to see, feel and touch love? Look no further than Emily and Mike. These two are so passionately in love. Their wedding was beautiful and all around perfection…The day started at La Toretta Resort where Mike and his friends played some golf while Emily and her team were making themselves super beautiful. Once everybody got to Olde Dobbin Station, things went incredibly fast. One thing I’ll always remember about this wedding is that there were so many cute and lovely moments that can make anyone’s heart melt. My favorite ones were the look on Mike’s face when Emily walked down the aisle, the exchange of gifts, the speeches and of course the vows….Priceless moment when Mike’s vows to Grayson and Tinley had everybody in tears!

I’m so happy for Grayson and Tinley! They’ll always have a wonderful ‘bonus’ dad on their side. And big congratulations to Emily and Mike on having such a perfect and gorgeous wedding day! Thank you for letting me capture your precious memories. You’ve both found true love and I know your marriage will last forever and forever!

With so much gratitude, Daniel

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