Cheri & Reid: You Make Me Fall in Love With You Everyday

Highlight film of Cheri and Reid’s wedding in Shiner, Texas on Saturday June 15, 2013.

There are a bunch of things that make me excited about filming a particular wedding. One of them is certainly the specific location of the event. I’m always super excited whenever a wedding is taking place at a venue, in a town or in a city I haven’t worked before. And usually, when I get to a new town, I drive around to get the feel of the place since in most cases, a wedding will reflect the color and the spirit of the place where it’s happening.

So, I couldn’t wait to go to Shiner, TX and film Cheri and Reid’s wedding. They got married in a church that is considered one of the most famous and historic sites of the town. The church was sublime and the ceremony was incredibly beautiful with a fantastic line-up of the wedding party. A special thing took place during the vows: the officiant turned his back to the congregation and spoke to the couple facing each other near the altar. It’s been a long time since I last saw such a line-up. I found it really original and beautiful.

Thank you Cheri and Reid for giving me the opportunity of visiting Shiner, TX and filming such a gorgeous wedding (I was amazed by your kindness and I totally looooved your rose flower theme!!!). I wish you nothing but many years of endless love and happiness.

Lillian & Ian: Love Forever

Highlight film of Lillian and Ian’s wedding in Carrollton, The Colony & Dallas, Texas on Saturday June 1st, 2013.

What a wonderful time we had with Lillian and Ian on their wedding day! We first had the honor of attending the rehearsal at the church and the dinner in The Colony, TX on Friday. By that time, I already  knew that the wedding will be beautiful. The actual big day started Saturday morning with the groom and his guys getting ready in Carrollton, TX while the bride and her company preparing themselves in The Colony, TX. Hours went so fast! Around 12:30pm, it was time for a convoy from the groom’s family to come to the bride’s house to take her away to the ceremony place…with songs of joy and praises to God!

The whole day was filled with traditional songs and dances. And, Lillian and Ian’s wedding helped us discover and enjoy some of the beauties of Kenya wedding traditions. An important moment of the day come when parents and elders from both families give marital advice to the couple. I think, I was privileged to hear from Lillian and Ian’s parents some of the wisest and most profound words that could be said about the secrets to a successful marriage (Praise God I can understand Swahili!).

Lillian and Ian, I know, all those words of wisdom will greatly bless your life and your marriage will last forever! Thank you for allowing me to film such a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception. You both have wonderful families and friends who really honored you. I pray that your passion for each other may be new every morning so that you may enjoy together many decades of joy and happiness!

Note: A special Thank You to all the members of my team who helped me cover Lillian and Ian’s wedding (Thank you guys, you’ve all been amazing!!!).

Photographers: Clark Patterson and Bill Bartz—–Videographers: Joseph Alan Hite, Crystal Hollis and myself (Daniel K.)

Antionette & Arthur: He Stole Her Heart, She Stole His Last Name

Highlight film of Antionette and Arthur’s wedding in Lewisville, Texas on Sunday May 19, 2013.

How do you say ‘I do’? I always find this question very interesting. Of course, there are hundreds of ways for couples to articulate their vows. For example, some simply repeat words that the officiant has prepared for them while some other couples write their own vows. I find that the wedding ceremony of the latter group is usually more romantic, more intimate and sometimes, more fun. From the moment I heard that Antionette and Arthur have written their own vows, I knew that their wedding ceremony would be awesome. And, I was NOT disappointed! They had a great ceremony that I enjoyed filming. The words they said to each other were meaningful, full of love and powerfully sweet.

Another beautiful moment of the ceremony was the sharing of roses. That was original and cute. The moment that I like the most in Antionette and Arthur’s film is when they give roses to their parents as a way of expressing their gratitude for everything they have done for the couple. I couldn’t help having tears in my eyes when I videotaped that moment…

Thank you Antionette and Arthur for allowing me to capture such memorable moments of your lives. It’s been a great privilege and honor. You’re an Amazing couple! I pray that your love may last forever and that you may always be the winner of all wedding anniversary dance contests!

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OMG Daniel. You did an amazing job. I love EVERYTHING about the video. I’m speechless and that’s very rare. Fast turn around time, our wedding was less than 2 weeks ago and you already have our highlight video uploaded. Every vendor I met with prior to you, always gave a minimum of 6 weeks. I’m still wondering how you seem to catch everything and I never saw you. Thanks Again Daniel


Anar & Daniel: I Love U Today More Than I Did Yesterday

Highlight film of Anar and Daniel’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday May 15th, 2013.

Intercultural weddings always have something unique and exciting about them since they feature two different cultures, traditions and expectations. The uniqueness of Anar and Daniel’s wedding, I think, rested in the fact that the couple were able to incorporate and mix the beauties of both cultures. Anar’s western wedding dress and Indian outfit were incredibly gorgeous. Daniel appeared to me like a real Indian royal prince in his after-ceremony costume and shoes. Very beautiful! And, congratulations to the DJ! I think he did an amazing job of combining and playing music from both worlds.

However, more than anything, I’ve been impressed with the personality of the wedding couple. I’ll remember Anar and Daniel as one of the sweetest and kindest couples I’ve ever worked for. They both have wonderful people in each of their families that I had the privilege of meeting with. Thank you Anar and Daniel for giving me such a great honor of meeting all of you. I pray that your love may last forever and that every project you undertake together may have great success!

Congratulations to you Anar and Daniel!

Stella & Paul: Two Friends, Two Hearts, One Promise, One Love.

Highlight film of Stella and Paul’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday May 11, 2013.

Stella and Paul’s wedding has been fantastically unique. The event was full of shining colors, spiritual songs and joyful dances. I have been particularly amazed by the Bride’s expression of her faith, excitement and love. As time was flying and the bridal party was being rushed to get ready for the church, Stella would still use her few seconds to lift her hands and burst into praises. Quite amazing! She danced, sang praises to her God, sang love songs to her groom, knelt down to worship, screamed her vow…Stella will remain in my memory as one of the most enthusiastic and happiest brides of all times. As the minister said at the ceremony, Paul is a “blessed man because he picked a wonderful, wonderful wife, mate and love of his life”. Stella and Paul will beautifully complement each other as they walk together in life. I pray that their union may overcome all types of challenges and last forever.

Thank you Stella and Paul for your kind heart and allowing my partner and I to spend such a great and special day with you.

Emaly & Jeremy: A Soldier Stole My Heart

Highlight film of Emaly and Jeremy’s wedding in Baytown, Texas on Friday April 26, 2013.

I always consider myself highly privileged to have the opportunity of filming the wedding of a member of the armed forces. The wedding ceremony is probably my favorite moment since there are usually some elements that you won’t find in civilian weddings. For example, the attire of the serviceman or woman is often different and the ceremony itself has an incredible level of formality (I’d even say ‘patriotism’).

Emaly and Jeremy had a cute ceremony in the presence of their parents and friends. Everybody couldn’t help praising them as a beautiful couple. Their union is so beautiful that I felt like spending my time taking videos of them only. I didn’t want their first dance to come to an end. I found it to be a magical moment when the couple’s dance saturated the room with an atmosphere of love and tenderness. I’m so glad that Emaly and Jeremy, as soul mates, have found each other. I pray that their love will grow stronger, deeper and sweeter each day of their lives.

Thank you again Emaly and Jeremy for giving me the precious privilege of capturing the memories of your special day. Wish you all the best!

Kanika & James: You Belong to Me Forever…

Highlight film of Kanika and James’ wedding day at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel in The Woodlands, Texas on Saturday April 20th, 2013.

Kanika and James’ wedding was very beautiful. Filming their big day gave me the opportunity of visiting The Woodlands, TX for the very first time. This little town is amazingly clean, classy and cute. I loved the place! But, what I loved even more was the ceremony and the reception that Kanika and James had for their wedding. They both made their wedding day incredibly special and meaningful. Everything looked perfect: from the rooms and corridors of The Waterway Marriott Hotel to the deco, to the dress of the flower girl…everything was Sooooooooo gorgeous!

And what a fun day! The couple and their guests literally let their hair down so as to enjoy each moment of the day. It felt so great to videotape such an event that is filled with laughing and joy. Congratulations Kanika and James on putting together such a superb celebration! I wish you nothing but a lot blessings and success!

Amanda & Jean: Good Love is Like Fine Wine…

Highlight film of Amanda and Jean’s wedding at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on Saturday April 13, 2013.

Vintage villas is certainly one of the most beautiful places where I like to shoot weddings. On sunny days, both the place and Lake Travis behind it look gorgeous. However, as I always said, it is actually wedding people who make a venue look beautiful. And Amanda and Jean did just that! The bride’s sublime smile and the couple’s passion for each other turned Vintage Villas into a fabulous wedding venue. The ceremony was fun (with a cute dog carrying the rings) and super romantic (with the couple reading love letters to each other). The reception was one of the most lively events I’ve EVER videotaped. The guests were just amazing in showing their love for Amanda and Jean!

What a wonderful couple Amanda and Jean are! They have the kind of love that never dies. It is full of tenderness, grace and respect. By the moment the ceremony ended, I already knew that these two people were meant to be with each other!

Thank you Amanda and Jean for giving me the privilege of spending such a splendid day with you. Your passion for each other will never die. I simply do wish you great success in all your future endeavors.