Sandra & Joseluis: Can’t Wait to Spend the Rest of My Life with You

Highlight film of Sandra and Joseluis’ wedding at Villa Antonia in Jonestown, Texas on Saturday March 1, 2014.

These two were meant to be together. Their love is spontaneous, their commitment is genuine and their respect is mutual. Sandra and Joseluis had a wonderful wedding day at one of the most gorgeous event venues in Central Texas, Villa Antonia. The ceremony place was packed with guests who came from different horizons to celebrate the couple’s big day. All guests were so eager to express their happiness for Sandra and Joseluis from the very beginning of the event until the moment the couple had to drive away. Sandra and Joseluis, you are simply blessed with loving and caring friends and families.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your special day and capturing your precious memories. May your determination to love each other and live together grow deeper and deeper each passing day!

Jessica & JaRod: As Long As We Both Shall Live…

Highlight film of Jessica and JaRod’s wedding at Villa St. Clair in Manor, TX on Friday February 21, 2014.

The day was superbly fun and great, filled with unforgettable memories. The most intense moment, I think, occurred when the bride walked down the aisle. More than one person had tears in their eyes. The groom’s face lit up with joy and passion as if he was seeing his bride for the first time. The bride’s smile was indescribably beautiful. Time seemed to freeze so as to allow the couple to absorb all the beauty of their special day.

Congratulations Jessica and JaRod on your beautiful wedding. What a fantastic wedding party you had!!! Everyone seemed to have an incredible sense of humor. I wish you both many many years of joy, happiness and love!

Dequeenia & Austin: Together Forever

Highlight film of Dequeenia and Austin’s wedding at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on Saturday February 15th, 2014

A beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding. The event was so much fun, lively and very inspiring. The couple enjoyed their special day from its beginning to the last minute of it: they laughed, they danced, they joked, they loved on each other…Dequeenia and Austin were so happy that they profusely and tenderly share their happiness with their friends and families. The funniest moments of the day were probably the toasts….so funny and incredibly inspiring.

Dequeenia and Austin, you’re blessed to be surrounded by so many relatives and friends who sincerely love you and celebrate your union. Congratulations on your fantastic wedding day! As the Best Man wisely said: never forget how happy you were on your wedding day. Reflect on it on a daily basis  and your passion for each other will never die. May Heavens help you stay TOGETHER FOREVER!

Lexy & Spencer: My High School Sweetheart, My Best Friend, My Soulmate…

Highlight film of Lexy and Spencer’s wedding at Mercury Hall in Austin, TX on Monday, January 6th, 2014.

The chemistry between Lexy and Spencer is extraordinarily unique. They passionately love each other, they have fun together, they smile together, they laugh together…they simply are best friends and soulmates. Their wedding day was filled with so many fun moments. The funniest one was the couple’s cake cutting. Spencer had no idea that his bride had been cleverly cooking up a secret plan for the occasion. Before he could realize it, Spencer had his face covered with a big piece of cake. That was cute and adorable! Anyway, here is a warning to all the future grooms: keep your eyes wide open when you and your brides are cutting the cake…you never know where the attack will come from. LOL!!!

Lexy and Spencer, I enjoyed every second of your big day. You are such a happy couple; you see the good side of everything and you laugh at things that go wrong. You’re just amazing! I wish both of you a happy, fun-filled and prosperous married life.

Jessica & Ryan: Today I Marry My Best Friend

Highlight film of Jessica and Ryan’s wedding at St Michael Catholic Church and Rockefeller Hall in Houston, Texas on Saturday January 4th, 2014

They are both young and so much in love with each other; blessed with wonderful parents, siblings and friends; and they make a fantastic couple. Jessica and Ryan are undoubtedly meant to be together. Their wedding day will remain one of the most memorable events of the year 2014. The ceremony at St Michael church was gorgeous with so many guests who came to show their love and support to the couple. After it ended, the wedding party headed to the Rockefeller Hall for an amazingly eventful reception. The wedding toasts from friends and families were the sweetest and funniest ever; they simply set a joyful mood for the entire evening. And, what an extraordinary evening all the guests and families had! I don’t know who came up with the idea of having Karaoke at the reception…but it was awesomely fun!

Jessica and Ryan, congratulations on your super beautiful wedding! Many many more years of love, happiness and success lie ahead of you. I pray that you may remain married BEST FRIENDS forever and ever!

Ada & Wole: I will Love You and Honor You Everyday

Highlight film of Ada and Wole’s wedding at St Albert the Great Catholic Church in Austin, TX on Friday January 3rd, 2014

Ada and Wole had a beautiful wedding in the presence of families and close friends. I met the bride a couple of times before her special day and was totally impressed with her kindness and joviality. On the actual wedding day, Ada was happy and so excited about finally marrying her handsome lover. Wole is indeed a handsome man with an incredible demeanor. Their wedding ceremony at St Albert the Great church was splendid and the reception was filled with joyous moments of celebrations. The couple openly expressed their joy as they danced together throughout the whole event. Ada and Wole are simply a fantastic match!

Ada and Wole, I enjoyed each minute I spent with you. I see many many decades of happiness and love ahead of you as God continues to bless your marriage. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your bid day!

Kelsey & Nathan: I’ll Stand By You, Always and Forever

Highlight film of Kelsey and Nathan’s wedding at Freedom Fellowship Church and Boulder Springs in New Braunfels, Texas on Tuesday December 31, 2013

For several years, I stayed away from any camera work on each December 31st. In 2013, something told me to give it a try again. So, I accepted Kelsey and Nathan’s request to film their wedding. I’m so happy I made that decision because I had a fantastic day with the couple. It felt so great and easy to work with Kelsey and Nathan. They both have wonderful personalities, their love for each other is so real and spontaneous, and their relatives are very friendly. To me, the most impressive thing about Kelsey and Nathan’s special day was the joy the couple have expressed throughout the whole day. They glowingly radiated such an indescribable joy and happiness. Their sharing of vows is one of my favorite moments because one can see how their faces shone with the joyous emotions that filled their heart.

Kelsey and Nathan, you are such an amazing couple! May God help you keep your passion and joy alive each day of your lives. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me. I’ll never forget it!

Quin & Chris: You Are Finally Mine, I Am Forever Yours

Highlight film of Quin and Chris’ wedding at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, Texas on Saturday December 28, 2013

Everything about Quin and Chris’ wedding was interestingly unique. The bride’s walk down the aisle was unique…the groom sang a love song to her…a moment of such a great emotional intensity that I can’t effectively describe it. Quin and Chris’ vows were unique…the bride literally cried her vows out to the groom…profound love words that saturated Ashton Gardens’ chapel with the sound waves of the couple’s passion. Quin and Chris’s love is honest, genuine, truthful, authentic…They have simply been created for each other.

Quin and Chris, I was humbled by the sincerity of your love. May God always preserve and protect the authenticity and candidness of your love so that you may remain passionate about each other forever. Thank you so much for having me at your lively celebration. Here was my opinion at the end of the reception: Chris actually CAN dance…!