Kanika & James: You Belong to Me Forever…

Highlight film of Kanika and James’ wedding day at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel in The Woodlands, Texas on Saturday April 20th, 2013.

Kanika and James’ wedding was very beautiful. Filming their big day gave me the opportunity of visiting The Woodlands, TX for the very first time. This little town is amazingly clean, classy and cute. I loved the place! But, what I loved even more was the ceremony and the reception that Kanika and James had for their wedding. They both made their wedding day incredibly special and meaningful. Everything looked perfect: from the rooms and corridors of The Waterway Marriott Hotel to the deco, to the dress of the flower girl…everything was Sooooooooo gorgeous!

And what a fun day! The couple and their guests literally let their hair down so as to enjoy each moment of the day. It felt so great to videotape such an event that is filled with laughing and joy. Congratulations Kanika and James on putting together such a superb celebration! I wish you nothing but a lot blessings and success!

Amanda & Jean: Good Love is Like Fine Wine…

Highlight film of Amanda and Jean’s wedding at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on Saturday April 13, 2013.

Vintage villas is certainly one of the most beautiful places where I like to shoot weddings. On sunny days, both the place and Lake Travis behind it look gorgeous. However, as I always said, it is actually wedding people who make a venue look beautiful. And Amanda and Jean did just that! The bride’s sublime smile and the couple’s passion for each other turned Vintage Villas into a fabulous wedding venue. The ceremony was fun (with a cute dog carrying the rings) and super romantic (with the couple reading love letters to each other). The reception was one of the most lively events I’ve EVER videotaped. The guests were just amazing in showing their love for Amanda and Jean!

What a wonderful couple Amanda and Jean are! They have the kind of love that never dies. It is full of tenderness, grace and respect. By the moment the ceremony ended, I already knew that these two people were meant to be with each other!

Thank you Amanda and Jean for giving me the privilege of spending such a splendid day with you. Your passion for each other will never die. I simply do wish you great success in all your future endeavors.

Claire & Olisa: Love At Last!

Highlight film of Claire and Olisa’s wedding in San Antonio, Texas on Sunday April 7, 2013.

Claire and Olisa’s big day was saturated with all the emotions that characterize great wedding celebrations: joy, laughing, tears, happiness, and excitement. They chose to make their special day a family event, a memory-creating moment and a celebration of everlasting love and friendship. The most striking thing to me was the amount of love that each member of their families expressed to them. What a blessing to be surrounded by loved ones on your wedding day!

It is always said that a marriage brings two families together. Claire and Olisa’s wedding day proved this saying to be true. Their marriage has literally united two families with two different stories. It’s always amazing to me how Heavens manage to beautifully bring two hearts (and their past) together! I really enjoyed spending the day with Claire, Olisa and their families. I was lucky to have my eyes buried behind my camera and no one was able to see the tears of joy I also shed!!!

Thank you to you, Claire and Olisa, for giving me the opportunity of filming such a memorable event. I was deeply moved by your generosity. You even offered gifts to your vendors! I’ve never seen that before! May the Lord who has brought you together strengthen your relationship each passing day and bless you more abundantly!

Jennifer & Kurtis: Starting our Lives Together…

Highlight film of Jennifer and Kurtis’ wedding in DeSoto, Texas on Saturday April 6, 2013.

Jennifer and Kurtis’ wedding has been so unique in many ways that I might need 30 pages to list all the beautiful details and moments of their celebration. Let me simply comment on one thing that deeply amazed me: the couple’s incredible excitement about their big day! Everything about Jennifer and Kurtis showed that they were super excited about getting married and proclaiming their love to the whole world. They were so proud and happy to stand in front of the people they love and take each other as husband and wife. That was one of the most magical moments of their wedding day: when the couple looked at each other in the eyes and said their vows with a voice full of indescribable emotions. Jennifer and Kurtis have truly enjoyed every moment of their Big day and they successfully made it a landmark, a day they will look back on for a lifetime, the beginning of their lives together…

Congratulations Jennifer and Kurtis and thank you for granting me the honor of filming your special day!!! May your life be filled with nothing but joyful and happy days!

Wajma & Eddie: The Henna Ceremony

Highlight film of Wajma and Eddie’s Henna ceremony at the Lake Travis Event Center in Lakeway, Texas on Friday March 29, 2013.

Wajma and Eddie’s party (the day before their wedding) gave me the opportunity of filming for the first time the Henna ceremony, a colorful and spiritual tradition that brings good luck to the new couple. The ceremony is usually performed about within a week before the wedding and symbolizes the bittersweet separation of the young bride from her family.

This cultural celebration surprisingly dates back to at least 2000 B.C.E., and its use in ceremonies can be found from South Asia to North Africa. The ceremony itself takes place toward the end of the party, after the bride enters in her last set of clothes. The oldest member of the family, usually the grandmother, spreads henna on the palms of the bride and groom. The henna is then wrapped against the skin to lock in body heat, creating a more intense color. Guests are sometimes encouraged to spread henna on their palms afterward as a symbol of good luck.

Wajma and Eddie are such a beautiful couple. Their union is unique. It wonderfully brings two different families and cultures together.

Thank you Wajma and Eddie for introducing me to a culture I wasn’t familiar with. Knowing you both was indeed a great blessing I’ll always cherish in my life.

Heather & Alex: We Us Together…

Main highlight film of Heather and Alex’s wedding in Deer Park, Texas (ceremony) and in Baytown, Texas (reception) on Saturday March 16, 2013.

What a beautiful wedding Heather and Alex have had!!! It’ll take decades before I forget this cute event I had the privilege of filming!

By the way, what makes a wedding beautiful? Is it the size of the ceremony venue? or the size of the cake? or the number of guests? or the size of the bridal party? or the price tag of the bride’s dress? or the couple’s use of a limousine? or…

After filming a wedding, I often meditate on this question and all the possible answers to it. At the end of my meditation, I often come to this conclusion: the first and greatest thing that makes a wedding beautiful is people! In my opinion, people are what first makes a wedding romantic, unique and gorgeous. All the other aspects we can think of come next. Bring friendly, loving, nice and great people together at a wedding and you’re certain to have a beautiful day that everybody will remember for years. They might forget the color of the cake but they’ll definitely remember the good time they had in company of all the guests and bridal party.

Heather and Alex’s wedding has confirmed my theory. The day has been great. The church in Deer Park, TX and the reception venue in Baytown, TX have both been superb. The wedding cake has been bewitchingly stunning. The bride’s dress has been dazzlingly sublime. But above everything else, one thing has made Heather and Alex’s day so special and magnificently beautiful: the people who have come to celebrate their special day have been among the most warmhearted, affectionate, caring, cordial and supportive people I’ve ever filmed. If I had to describe in other words what the wedding was, I’d say that Heather and Alex’s event was a celebration of true friendship and love.

Another aspect will make me remember Heather and Alex’s wedding for years to come: the ‘enormous’ time the couple has set aside for photo and video sessions. In most weddings, harried couples dash from one thing to another, trying to keep up with the wedding planner’s timeline and consequently, devoting 45-60 minutes to a photo session that goes so quick that photographers end up NOT taking all the shots they wanted to. I won’t blame wedding couples for this since most of them are doing this for the first time and they only have few hours to have everything planned done. However, I wish all couples could devote more than 60 minutes to the taking of photos and the shooting of cinematic videos. After all, photos and videos are among the only things that couples are left with after the cake is eaten and flowers are thrown away. Heather, Alex and their wedding party took advantage of the beautiful setting of the reception venue (blue sky, water, bridge, boats…) and devoted almost two hours to bridal photos and videos (in addition to the traditional 45-minute photo session at the church). Amazing! In my opinion, this is an important section of the wedding day that doesn’t need to be rushed. It allows the wedding couple to slow down, take a pause and savor one of the greatest moments of their lives.

Thank you Heather and Alex for giving me the opportunity of sharing such a great moment with you. Filming your wedding was a delight! And, thank you so much for giving me enough time to interview you and hear about your beautiful love story. Your passion for each other is so deep that I know you’re in for a life of love and blessings!!!

Clary & Scott: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than You

Main Highlight film of Clary and Scott’s wedding at The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture in Downtown Dallas, Texas on Saturday February 23, 2013.

What a wonderful time I had filming Clary and Scott’s wedding!!! The event has been unique in several ways: a 20-people wedding party, events taking place in 3 different locations in downtown Dallas, send-off to a horse cart, photo sessions before and after the ceremony, music by a band at the reception….The whole day was filled with laughing, surprises and excitement.

Clary and Scott have totally impressed me with their cheerfulness. They prepared their wedding as the biggest day of their lives and they made sure that they had fun and enjoyed every bit of it. Their guests have also been amazingly joyful, showing in every possible way how much they love the couple and they wish them all the best.

Thank you Clary and Scott for granting me such a precious privilege of capturing the bests moments of your special day. I feel blessed because I met both of you. Wish you a life full of joy and happiness together!

Diana & Efrain: You Changed My Life For the Better

Main Highlight film of Diana and Efrain’s wedding in Houston, Texas on Saturday January 19, 2013.

Filming Diana and Efrain’s wedding was such a joy. I loved their tender hearts, their smiles, their patience and their friendship. Makes a videographer’s task so easy to work with such a beautiful couple.
Another reason why I enjoyed working with them is the locations of their event (the ceremony in Houston, TX and the reception in Brookshire, Texas). Both locations were truly splendid!
In my almost-9-year experience as a wedding videographer, I’ve obviously filmed events in many churches and facilities. Most of these places are beautiful. However, I should admit, I’ve never been in a church building as beautiful as St. Michael Catholic Church in Houston, TX where Diana and Efrain had their ceremony. The interior of this church is so magnificent that it should become a touristic site. To capture all the beauty of this place, I decided to use 3 cameras instead of only 2. I was so glad that I made that decision. I went home with beautiful shots of the altar and the wedding party from several angles!
I’m also thankful to Diana and Efrain for the opportunity of discovering Brookshire, TX. Believe me, small towns often feature gorgeous wedding venues. And, the reception facility was angelically classy!
Another thing that made my work for Diana and Efrain so enjoyable was their choice of photographers. These guys were professional and so easy to work with. Let me say that again: the worst thing that can happen to a wedding (as far as the quality of photos & videos is concerned), is to have the photographers and videographers working against each other! Diana and Efrain’s had the type of photographers I’d love to work with again and again.
Thank you Diana and Efrain for offering me such a great privilege of working with one of the most charming people in the world. Knowing you was indeed a blessing!