MacGregor & Jonathan: A Great and Pure Love

Highlight film of MacGregor and Jonathan’s wedding at Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom in Austin, TX on Sunday March 6, 2016.

These two make such a beautiful couple and their wedding day was a gorgeous, wonderful, splendid, and joyful occasion! MacGregor and Jonathan are truly blessed with great families and friends who excitedly came to Barr Mansion to express their love and support for these two love birds. The couple chose the perfect location for their event. Indeed, there is no other venue in Texas that compares with Barr Mansion and its fantastic Artisan Ballroom. This place was filled with laughter and joy all night long!

MacGregor and Jonathan, thank you for allowing my assistant and I to be a part of your memorable wedding day. We deeply appreciated the honor. May God continue to bless your union and keep your love great and pure forever and ever!

Madalyn & Devon: A Commitment For Life

Highlight film of Madalyn and Devon’s wedding at Tuscan Hall in Austin, TX on Sunday February 21st, 2016.

Madalyn and Devon are one of the funniest, most fascinating and most charming couples I’ve ever worked with. You can’t get bored when you hang around with these two. I just liked the way they had fun at their wedding and enjoyed every moment of it. This event was truly a beautiful celebration of love and friendship.

Madalyn and Devon, you’ve known each other for a long time and I believe, your commitment to your union is completely genuine and unbreakable. I wish you a life full of laughter and smiles!


Elizabeth & Taylor: To have and To Hold, From This Day Forward…

Highlight film of Elizabeth and Taylor’s wedding at a private ranch in Austin, TX and The Grille at Rough Hollow in Lakeway, TX on Saturday September 28th, 2013.

Being a part of this special day was such a great experience. Elizabeth and Taylor are so beautiful and amazing together. I was totally impressed by the romantic spark between them…a powerful chemistry that words can’t effectively describe. It’s always very beautiful to capture the precious memories of two people who are connected so emotionally, so intellectually, and so romantically. I think, in addition to the filming of the various events that take place at a wedding, it’s important for a wedding videographer to also capture and eternalize the invisible yet tangible current of electricity that connects the bride and groom.

Elizabeth and Taylor, you are a perfect match! It’s clear that you were meant to be together. I believe, if distance wasn’t able to break your love, nothing else will. Congratulations on your extraordinarily terrific wedding…you are simply the best!

Jomel & Itamar: Promise U My Love, a Castle & Some Babies…

Highlight film of Jomel and Itamar’s wedding at the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, Texas on Saturday September 20th, 2013.

What are the chances for a lady from Hawaii and a gentleman from Israel to meet, fall in love, and get married? Love is so mysterious that it magisterially makes the unexpected happen….and destiny is so magical that it authoritatively brings two unrelated hearts together. Jomel and Itamar’s union is all about the majestic power of love and destiny.

We met several months ago in Austin, TX to go over the details of their wedding; and from the very beginning of our conversation, I was mesmerized by the joy Jomel and Itamar expressed over their upcoming event….they literally radiated happiness over their wedding plans. Indisputably, these are one of the most joyful couples I have ever met. On the actual wedding day, they were able to contaminate all their guests with their overwhelming gaiety and happiness; and despite the rainy weather, the Terrace Club was still saturated with the contagious warmth of Jomel and Itamar. It will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the warmest wedding days ever!

Jomel and Itamar, thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. My assistant and I enjoyed every second of it. Jomel, your singing is incredibly beautiful!!! Itamar, your vows were the most original ever!!! No groom has ever thought about including the promise of some babies in their vows! You guys are just amazing. Wish you many many years of happiness and joy!

Lisandra & Armando: I’m Giving You All My Love…

Highlight film of Lisandra and Armando’s wedding at the Ascension Catholic Church in Bastrop, TX and SPJST Lodge 18 in Elgin, TX on Saturday July 20, 2013.

I had the privilege of meeting with Lisandra and Armando several times before their wedding day and hearing them talk about how they wanted their big day to be like. But I think, the actual day was more splendid and more fun than what I anticipated.  The couple had a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony in Bastrop, TX; then enjoyed a limo ride to The Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX to take tons of photos with their bridal parties and eventually drove to Elgin, TX to have their wedding reception.

The reception was one of the most eventful wedding parties I’ve ever filmed. From the first minute of the reception to the last one, all the guests danced and crazily had fun. There were also some cute and very emotional moments. I’ll always remember the tears running on the bride’s cheeks as she danced with her father (and kissed him on his forehead). Powerful moment that needed to be captured on film!

It makes me so happy to see how couples are able to dream their special day and make it happen. When I met Lisandra and Armando for the first time several months ago, their wedding day and all its details were simply like a dream. But, they successfully turned it into a beautiful reality that they’ll be able to relive again and again with the help of their wedding photos and videos. Congratulations Lisandra and Armando on making your dream day happen and thank you for making me a part of it!

May your marriage last forever and bring a lot of joy and happiness to you every day!

Tracy Le & Huy Tran: Loved U Yesterday, Love U Still, Always Will…

Highlight film of Tracy and Huy’s wedding in Pflugerville, TX; Leander, TX; and at The Avery Ranch Golf Club in Austin, TX on Saturday June 22, 2013.

Emotions are what make a wedding so special and so different from other types of social events. Without emotions, a wedding would be nothing but a boring gathering of two families. Smiles, laughter and tears at any wedding are powerful enough to turn a traditional ceremony into an unforgettable moment. That is how I sum up Tracy and Huy’s wedding day. Smiles, laughter and tears. I always find it amazing when a bride and a groom are so sincere and open in their feelings that they express their vows with smiles and tears. That’s what Tracy and Huy did on their wedding day. They laughed, they smiled and they shed tears. It was such a great honor for me to stand behind the camera and get a very intimate look into the couple’s lives.

I’m also very grateful to the couple for having given me the opportunity of filming again a traditional Tea ceremony. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful and captivating wedding traditions in the world. It’s a special moment when members of both families are given the opportunity of blessing the couple and expressing their best wishes to them. Tracy and Huy, I wish you a life full of blessings and may your love for each other grow stronger each passing day.

Amanda & Jean: Good Love is Like Fine Wine…

Highlight film of Amanda and Jean’s wedding at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on Saturday April 13, 2013.

Vintage villas is certainly one of the most beautiful places where I like to shoot weddings. On sunny days, both the place and Lake Travis behind it look gorgeous. However, as I always said, it is actually wedding people who make a venue look beautiful. And Amanda and Jean did just that! The bride’s sublime smile and the couple’s passion for each other turned Vintage Villas into a fabulous wedding venue. The ceremony was fun (with a cute dog carrying the rings) and super romantic (with the couple reading love letters to each other). The reception was one of the most lively events I’ve EVER videotaped. The guests were just amazing in showing their love for Amanda and Jean!

What a wonderful couple Amanda and Jean are! They have the kind of love that never dies. It is full of tenderness, grace and respect. By the moment the ceremony ended, I already knew that these two people were meant to be with each other!

Thank you Amanda and Jean for giving me the privilege of spending such a splendid day with you. Your passion for each other will never die. I simply do wish you great success in all your future endeavors.

Erin and Craig: Eat Drink and Dance

Highlight film of the wedding reception with a focus on the toasts and dancing. Filming the toasts reminded of the importance of having a videographer at a wedding. Without videography, no one would be able to relive again the love for Erin and Craig that the bridal party expressed in their voices and tears.