Aida & Reetesh: You Make My Life Complete

Highlight film of Aida and Reetesh’s wedding at The Old Red Museum in downtown Dallas, TX on Friday August 23, 2013.

How unique is the union of Aida and Reetesh!!! Though they both come from two different cultures and horizons (Mexican-American vs Indian), love has brought them together. From the very first day I met the couple, I was fascinated by the sincerity of their passion. Indeed, nothing is as powerful as love. Love sublimely breaks all boundaries and borders. It mysteriously brings two unrelated hearts, minds and families together. It beautifully conquers hatred. It makes us bring & give the best out of us. Love transcends all differences. It unites us as one human family. It makes us see the beauty in all nations, people and languages. Love gives us wings so we can soar like eagles and see the world from above. Love is amazing.

The week before their wedding, Aida and Reetesh travelled to India for the traditional Indian wedding. How much I wish I were there to witness such a beautiful event!! They came back and had this awesome wedding at The Old Red Museum in Dallas. The excitement and happiness of the couple were palpable all over the place. And, it felt so great to film such an event during which guests and the bridal party were totally having fun showing how much they love the couple. Aida and Reetesh’s wedding day was unforgettably gorgeous, lively and enjoyable!

Thank you so much Aida and Reetesh for letting me be a part of your special day. I pray that your love may grow even stronger and stronger each passing day, you may live a long life and fulfill all your dreams together!

Amanda & Roger: The One I Laugh With, Live For, Dream With.

Highlight film of Amanda and Roger’s wedding at The Gathering Church in Dallas, Texas and The Grand Oaks Golf Club in Grand Prairie, Texas on Saturday August 17, 2013.

This is what I think is one of the most challenging yet exciting parts of the work of a wedding videographer: condensing a couple’s wedding day into a short highlight film. To me, the more beautiful a wedding is, the more challenging and the more exciting creating the highlight film is. Photographers probably have the same experience when they get to create a 10-page wedding photo album from a folder of 1,000 pictures they took at the wedding. It’s both a very challenging and fascinating experience, both tricky and thrilling.

Amanda and Roger had a very gorgeous wedding day. All the venues were impressively magnificent! The day started at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas; a place that provides awe-inspiring and breathtaking views of the Metroplex. The ceremony at the Gathering Church was short and captivating (I was totally impressed by the pastor’s kind heart—wish all wedding officiants could be as nice as he is!!!). The reception that followed at the Grand Oaks Golf Club in Grand Prairie was so much fun and overwhelmingly pleasant (thank you Amanda and Roger for your signature cocktail drinks—was so adorably succulent!!!). The day was simply filled with so many great moments and I was so blessed to film and edit the footage.

Congratulations Amanda and Roger on organizing such an unforgettable event! It was such a great privilege for me to be a part of it and I truly wish you many many years of happiness and blessed union.

1 comment by Amanda: “You were awesome. Thank you!!!”

Lisandra & Armando: I’m Giving You All My Love…

Highlight film of Lisandra and Armando’s wedding at the Ascension Catholic Church in Bastrop, TX and SPJST Lodge 18 in Elgin, TX on Saturday July 20, 2013.

I had the privilege of meeting with Lisandra and Armando several times before their wedding day and hearing them talk about how they wanted their big day to be like. But I think, the actual day was more splendid and more fun than what I anticipated.  The couple had a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony in Bastrop, TX; then enjoyed a limo ride to The Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX to take tons of photos with their bridal parties and eventually drove to Elgin, TX to have their wedding reception.

The reception was one of the most eventful wedding parties I’ve ever filmed. From the first minute of the reception to the last one, all the guests danced and crazily had fun. There were also some cute and very emotional moments. I’ll always remember the tears running on the bride’s cheeks as she danced with her father (and kissed him on his forehead). Powerful moment that needed to be captured on film!

It makes me so happy to see how couples are able to dream their special day and make it happen. When I met Lisandra and Armando for the first time several months ago, their wedding day and all its details were simply like a dream. But, they successfully turned it into a beautiful reality that they’ll be able to relive again and again with the help of their wedding photos and videos. Congratulations Lisandra and Armando on making your dream day happen and thank you for making me a part of it!

May your marriage last forever and bring a lot of joy and happiness to you every day!

Danielle & Ben: You’re All I Want, and All I Need.

Highlight film of Danielle and Ben’s wedding at The Windsor at Hebron Park in Carrollton, TX on Saturday July 13, 2013.

It was such a blast working with Danielle and Ben. I think I loved this couple from day one when we talked on the phone. After a few minutes, I knew it would be great and easy to work with them. They had a clear picture of their big day and they seemed to know what was important to them for their wedding day (I felt so great to hear a couple who value wedding videography). I loved Danielle and Ben even more when we met a couple of times in downtown Dallas to go over the details of the wedding and shoot their love story. They were fun, laid back, confident and so in love with each other. However, the thing that struck me the most about this couple is that they are family & friend-oriented people and they wanted their special day to reflect that.

I’ll describe Danielle and Ben’s wedding day as a magnificent celebration of familyship, brotherhood and friendship. So many things were beautiful, from the bride’s dress (that was a WOW dress!!!) to the gorgeous cake; but nothing was as beautiful as  the bridesmaids’ helping the bride with her dress, the groomsmen playing games while waiting ‘patiently’ for the arrival of the groom, the joy on the face of the bride’s dad as he walked his daughter down the aisle, the family sand ceremony, the extraordinary dancing of the bride’s father & groom’s mother or the sweet and funny speeches from the couple’s daughter & friends.

Congratulations Danielle and Ben on bringing together two families and reminding all of us what a wedding should be all about. Your wedding has been more than the fusion of two hearts; it’s been the blending of two families, two dreams and two stories.  I truly wish you a happy marriage full of joy and funny moments!!!

Pamela & Lambert: I’ll Follow You to the Moon…

Highlight film of Pamela and Lambert’s wedding at The Mediterranean Villa in Arlington, Texas on Saturday July 6, 2013.

Pamela and Lambert’s special day was what every wedding day is supposed to be like: an exciting, enjoyable and fun experience for both the couple and their guests. The greatest challenge for every couple, I guess, is to both overcome the high level of stress that comes with the taking care of all the crazy tiny details of a wedding and enjoy the day. Pamela and Lambert successfully rose to this challenge: they stayed relaxed and had so much fun until the very last minute of the event. It seems to me like they followed all the rules about how to have fun on your wedding day: they didn’t hesitate to laugh big laughs, look silly and dance as if no one was watching. As for me, these are the biggest keys to a very fun and relaxed wedding.

My humble advice to future couples and their bridal parties: have fun and laugh! Some things might go wrong but who cares! We’re here to have a fun day! If you sneeze or cry while you’re saying your vows, be the first to make fun of yourself! Take a lot of funny pictures with goofy faces! Joke around! Twist on the dance floor! That’s what a wedding is supposed to be like: a happy day filled with fun moments.

Congratulations Pamela and Lambert on making your big day so enjoyable and exciting for everyone! Your photo session was the funniest ever! May your marriage be always filled with joy, excitement and happiness! Love you guys!