Danielle & Ben: You’re All I Want, and All I Need.

Highlight film of Danielle and Ben’s wedding at The Windsor at Hebron Park in Carrollton, TX on Saturday July 13, 2013.

It was such a blast working with Danielle and Ben. I think I loved this couple from day one when we talked on the phone. After a few minutes, I knew it would be great and easy to work with them. They had a clear picture of their big day and they seemed to know what was important to them for their wedding day (I felt so great to hear a couple who value wedding videography). I loved Danielle and Ben even more when we met a couple of times in downtown Dallas to go over the details of the wedding and shoot their love story. They were fun, laid back, confident and so in love with each other. However, the thing that struck me the most about this couple is that they are family & friend-oriented people and they wanted their special day to reflect that.

I’ll describe Danielle and Ben’s wedding day as a magnificent celebration of familyship, brotherhood and friendship. So many things were beautiful, from the bride’s dress (that was a WOW dress!!!) to the gorgeous cake; but nothing was as beautiful as  the bridesmaids’ helping the bride with her dress, the groomsmen playing games while waiting ‘patiently’ for the arrival of the groom, the joy on the face of the bride’s dad as he walked his daughter down the aisle, the family sand ceremony, the extraordinary dancing of the bride’s father & groom’s mother or the sweet and funny speeches from the couple’s daughter & friends.

Congratulations Danielle and Ben on bringing together two families and reminding all of us what a wedding should be all about. Your wedding has been more than the fusion of two hearts; it’s been the blending of two families, two dreams and two stories.  I truly wish you a happy marriage full of joy and funny moments!!!

Pamela & Lambert: I’ll Follow You to the Moon…

Highlight film of Pamela and Lambert’s wedding at The Mediterranean Villa in Arlington, Texas on Saturday July 6, 2013.

Pamela and Lambert’s special day was what every wedding day is supposed to be like: an exciting, enjoyable and fun experience for both the couple and their guests. The greatest challenge for every couple, I guess, is to both overcome the high level of stress that comes with the taking care of all the crazy tiny details of a wedding and enjoy the day. Pamela and Lambert successfully rose to this challenge: they stayed relaxed and had so much fun until the very last minute of the event. It seems to me like they followed all the rules about how to have fun on your wedding day: they didn’t hesitate to laugh big laughs, look silly and dance as if no one was watching. As for me, these are the biggest keys to a very fun and relaxed wedding.

My humble advice to future couples and their bridal parties: have fun and laugh! Some things might go wrong but who cares! We’re here to have a fun day! If you sneeze or cry while you’re saying your vows, be the first to make fun of yourself! Take a lot of funny pictures with goofy faces! Joke around! Twist on the dance floor! That’s what a wedding is supposed to be like: a happy day filled with fun moments.

Congratulations Pamela and Lambert on making your big day so enjoyable and exciting for everyone! Your photo session was the funniest ever! May your marriage be always filled with joy, excitement and happiness! Love you guys!