Lisandra & Armando: I’m Giving You All My Love…

Highlight film of Lisandra and Armando’s wedding at the Ascension Catholic Church in Bastrop, TX and SPJST Lodge 18 in Elgin, TX on Saturday July 20, 2013.

I had the privilege of meeting with Lisandra and Armando several times before their wedding day and hearing them talk about how they wanted their big day to be like. But I think, the actual day was more splendid and more fun than what I anticipated.  The couple had a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony in Bastrop, TX; then enjoyed a limo ride to The Texas State Capitol in Austin, TX to take tons of photos with their bridal parties and eventually drove to Elgin, TX to have their wedding reception.

The reception was one of the most eventful wedding parties I’ve ever filmed. From the first minute of the reception to the last one, all the guests danced and crazily had fun. There were also some cute and very emotional moments. I’ll always remember the tears running on the bride’s cheeks as she danced with her father (and kissed him on his forehead). Powerful moment that needed to be captured on film!

It makes me so happy to see how couples are able to dream their special day and make it happen. When I met Lisandra and Armando for the first time several months ago, their wedding day and all its details were simply like a dream. But, they successfully turned it into a beautiful reality that they’ll be able to relive again and again with the help of their wedding photos and videos. Congratulations Lisandra and Armando on making your dream day happen and thank you for making me a part of it!

May your marriage last forever and bring a lot of joy and happiness to you every day!

Brooke & TJ: I’ll Love You, Forever and Always.

Highlight film of Brooke and TJ’s wedding at La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa in Montgomery, Texas on Friday July 12, 2013.

Brooke and TJ’s wedding was one of the cutest ones I’ve ever filmed. Was very short but incredibly soooo cute! I was totally moved by the many ways in which the bride’s mother expressed her love for her daughter. As for me, the most touching moment of the day happened when the bride walked down the aisle and her mother shed tears of joy (probably overwhelmed by the significance of the moment).

This is what makes weddings such an important event in somebody’s life. It is a day when families, close relatives and friends are given the precious opportunity of showing how much they appreciate and love the couple. I really felt that Brooke and TJ are so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love and support them.

Congratulations Brooke and TJ on your happy union as life partners and may your love last for a thousand years!

Diana & Efrain: You Changed My Life For the Better

Main Highlight film of Diana and Efrain’s wedding in Houston, Texas on Saturday January 19, 2013.

Filming Diana and Efrain’s wedding was such a joy. I loved their tender hearts, their smiles, their patience and their friendship. Makes a videographer’s task so easy to work with such a beautiful couple.
Another reason why I enjoyed working with them is the locations of their event (the ceremony in Houston, TX and the reception in Brookshire, Texas). Both locations were truly splendid!
In my almost-9-year experience as a wedding videographer, I’ve obviously filmed events in many churches and facilities. Most of these places are beautiful. However, I should admit, I’ve never been in a church building as beautiful as St. Michael Catholic Church in Houston, TX where Diana and Efrain had their ceremony. The interior of this church is so magnificent that it should become a touristic site. To capture all the beauty of this place, I decided to use 3 cameras instead of only 2. I was so glad that I made that decision. I went home with beautiful shots of the altar and the wedding party from several angles!
I’m also thankful to Diana and Efrain for the opportunity of discovering Brookshire, TX. Believe me, small towns often feature gorgeous wedding venues. And, the reception facility was angelically classy!
Another thing that made my work for Diana and Efrain so enjoyable was their choice of photographers. These guys were professional and so easy to work with. Let me say that again: the worst thing that can happen to a wedding (as far as the quality of photos & videos is concerned), is to have the photographers and videographers working against each other! Diana and Efrain’s had the type of photographers I’d love to work with again and again.
Thank you Diana and Efrain for offering me such a great privilege of working with one of the most charming people in the world. Knowing you was indeed a blessing!