Lucres & Galilée: Day and Night, I’ll Be On Your Side

Highlight Film of Lucres and Galilée’s wedding ceremony at La Génération des Vainqueurs Ministry Church in Richardson, TX and wedding reception at the Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West in Dallas, TX on Saturday June 27th, 2015.

I enjoyed every moment of Lucres and Galilée’s wedding day. The couple are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. I love their kindness, their calm confidence and their generosity. At their wedding, there was this incredible combination of joy, dancing and love. I had a blast capturing it on film. There were so many memorable moments I hope the couple will never forget: the romantic first kiss at the church, the beautiful first dance, the emotional toast, the cute cutting of the cake, etc. These were moments that I wish would happen again and again.

Lucres and Galilée, congratulations on your gorgeous wedding celebration. You guys rocked it! I pray that you may never run out of joy and happiness in your marriage. The Lord Jesus will be the third unbreakable strand in your union and I guarantee you that you’ll overcome all challenges that may come your way!


Kayode said “DanielKa always does a great job. Great highlight of the wedding”.