Christina & Mark: A Perfect Pair for Each Other

Highlight film of Christina and Mark’s wedding ceremony at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and wedding reception at Villa St. Clair in Austin, TX on Saturday July 1st, 2017.

We loved everything about Christina and Mark’s special day. But, our favorite part of this wedding came down to the couple. They are incredibly nice, fun and of course genuinely in love for each other. And the couple’s smiles….WOW…so captivating and mesmerizing!

We really hope that, as you’re watching Christina and Mark’s wedding film, you catch a glimpse of their adorable and passionate love and you feel even half as honored as we did to get to witness these two and their love celebration.

Christina and Mark, being a part of your wedding day was a great privilege that we’ll always be thankful for. We pray that your marriage will forever be filled with nothing but love, laughter and peace!


Diana & Wally: Our Journey to Perfect Love

Highlight film of Diana and Wally’s wedding ceremony at St. Louis King of France Catholic Church and reception at Villa St. Clair on Saturday July 2nd, 2016.

I’m so happy to share Diana and Wally’s wedding film because every second of their special day was beautiful and precious. At both the ceremony at St. Louis King of France Church and the reception at Villa St. Clair, friends and families witness so many unique and memorable moments. My favorite one was the couple’s last dance at the end of the reception. Circled by their guests, Diana and Wally danced to a song that powerfully revealed the story of their love. It was truly a magical moment, so magical that I couldn’t help but add it to the highlight film with the original audio of the video clip.

Diana and Wally, thank you for allowing me to capture these precious memories. I pray that your love journey be very long, full of happiness, full of joy and peace!