Fair Queen Janel & Pirate King Hal: Ye Be My Treasure

Highlight film of the wedding of Fair Queen Janel and Pirate King Hal at Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX on Sunday December 7, 2014.

“All of ye who support the marriage of Fair Queen Janel and Pirate King Hal, say: AARRRRGGGG!!!! If there is anyone who objects to this marriage, speak of it now or forever hold your peace…” the priest said. Then, a pirate stood and proclaimed his objection. Guess what happened? Won’t tell you… just watch the video to see it for yourself 🙂

Janel and Hal were really able to mix business with pleasure. Their special day was fun, eventful and so BLOODY! AARRRRGGGG!!!! For the year 2014, this one will probably remain the most unique and original wedding I had the opportunity of filming. Moreover, Janel, Hal, their family and friends were all easy to work with. The wedding couple in particular are so extremely friendly and generous people that I consider knowing them as a true blessing.

Congratulations Janel and Hall on putting together such a joyful event. It felt great to be at a wedding where everybody was having so much fun. May ye travel all seas and oceans together until there is no horizon left to chase! AARRRRGGGG!!!!



Priscilla & Mike: Will Walk With You Hand in Hand

Highlight film of Priscilla and Mike’s wedding at Texas Old Town in Kyle, TX on Friday September 19, 2014.

The bride has a beautiful smile and voice. The groom is so cool and funny. Their love is captivatingly genuine and deep. Priscilla and Mike are more than wife and husband. They are best friends and soul mates. The wedding celebration at Texas Old Town was incredibly fantastic despite the fact that rain and dark clouds dominated the weather in central Texas on that particular day. Nothing could actually damp down the couple’s excitement and joy of proclaiming their vows in front of their family and friends. I felt so blessed to be a part of this wonderful occasion.

Priscilla and Mike, thank you for allowing me to capture your priceless memories. Words just can’t fully express my gratitude to you. May your love grow deeper and deeper as you walk hand in hand each day of your lives.