Hannah and Logan

Highlight film of Hannah and Logan’s wedding at The Barn on the Brazos in Blum, TX on Saturday, June 12, 2021.
The Barn on the Brazos – 533 County Rd 1114, Blum, TX 76627.

Kimberly & Shane: I See Forever in Your Eyes

Highlight film of Kimberly and Shane’s wedding at The Barn on the Brazos at 4H Lodge in Rio Vista, TX on Saturday November 11, 2017.

Can a wedding celebration be perfect? I believe YES! Kimberly and Shane are offering us an excellent example of an amazing perfect wedding day. The weather was great, the rustic and elegant Barn on the Brazos provided a superb and magnificent setting, the bride is outstandingly beautiful, she wore a dazzling stylish dress and had the kind of radiant smile that can light up the darkest night, the couple are simply gorgeous and they privately exchanged one of the most profound personal vows I’ve ever recorded, their gifts to their wedding party were generous and precious, both families were very fun and nice, the ceremony and reception were powerfully unique (just think about this: the couple had a cake and a pizza)…Everything about this wedding was just perfect! But, what struck me the most about Kimberly and Shane’s event was the joy, excitement and love their parents expressed towards them throughout the whole day. Saying that Kimberly and Shane’s parents were happy for the wedding couple would simply be an understatement.

Kimberly and Shane, you’re truly and abundantly blessed; blessed with wonderful parents, families and friends who genuinely love and support you; blessed with a divine union that nothing can break; you’re so blessed that I believe your home will always be a haven of peace, joy and happiness. Remain blessed!

With gratitude, Daniel Ka.