Abigail and Christian

Highlight film of Abigail and Christian’s wedding at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, TX on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

The Terrace Club – 2600 US-290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

Jennifer and Diego

Highlight film of Jennifer and Diego’s wedding at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, TX on Saturday, October 05, 2019.

Nahla and Juan

Highlight film of Nahla and Juan’s wedding at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, TX on Saturday August 4, 2018.

Georgiana & Marcus: Our Home Is Built on Love

Highlight film of Georgiana and Marcus’ wedding at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, TX on Friday October 7, 2016.

I had the pleasure of taking the engagement photos of these two love birds and I instantly couldn’t wait to get to film their wedding video at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs. For the first time ever, I decided to fly the drone at the beginning of the ceremony so I can capture from above the bride walking down the aisle. I had the perfect scenario for this shot: an amazing outdoor ceremony area, a gorgeous bride walking down the stairs and a beautiful weather. I’m so happy I was a part of this magical moment and I was given the honor of telling the story of Georgiana and Marcus’ special day! Many many blessings to you Georgiana and Marcus!

Ankita & Akshay: Our Wedding

Highlight film of Ankita and Akshay’s wedding ceremony at Sai Temple in Cedar Park, TX on Thursday November 26th, 2015 and the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, TX on Friday November 27th, 2015.

Speechless is how I feel when I watch Ankita and Akshay’s wedding footage. The two-day event had it all. Gorgeous wedding couple, super-loving family and friends, splendid venues, awesome music and Indian food, crazy laughing and dances…each aspect of the wedding was just amazing!!!

Ankita and Akshay, you two are just the perfect fit! The way you look at each other, smile at each other, play with each other simply shows how rooted your love is. Guess what my favorite moment of the wedding is…when you poured rice at each other’s head at the Temple ceremony. That was hilariously funny 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special days! May your union last forever and your home be a continual sanctuary of peace and happiness!!!

Jomel & Itamar: Promise U My Love, a Castle & Some Babies…

Highlight film of Jomel and Itamar’s wedding at the Terrace Club in Dripping Springs, Texas on Saturday September 20th, 2013.

What are the chances for a lady from Hawaii and a gentleman from Israel to meet, fall in love, and get married? Love is so mysterious that it magisterially makes the unexpected happen….and destiny is so magical that it authoritatively brings two unrelated hearts together. Jomel and Itamar’s union is all about the majestic power of love and destiny.

We met several months ago in Austin, TX to go over the details of their wedding; and from the very beginning of our conversation, I was mesmerized by the joy Jomel and Itamar expressed over their upcoming event….they literally radiated happiness over their wedding plans. Indisputably, these are one of the most joyful couples I have ever met. On the actual wedding day, they were able to contaminate all their guests with their overwhelming gaiety and happiness; and despite the rainy weather, the Terrace Club was still saturated with the contagious warmth of Jomel and Itamar. It will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the warmest wedding days ever!

Jomel and Itamar, thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. My assistant and I enjoyed every second of it. Jomel, your singing is incredibly beautiful!!! Itamar, your vows were the most original ever!!! No groom has ever thought about including the promise of some babies in their vows! You guys are just amazing. Wish you many many years of happiness and joy!