Melissa & Steven: Meant to Be Together


Chelsea & Cole: Love is Patient and Kind


Haylie & Brian: If You’re a Burke, I’m a Burke


Taryn & Michael: You Will Forever Be My Always


Melissa and Andrew: Je T’Aime


Liz & Walter: A Five Star Love


Sara & Gilbert: They Lived Happily Ever After


Georgiana & Marcus: Our Home Is Built on Love


April & Cole: You Give Me Crazy Love


Adriana & Victor: Nuestra Boda


Elisabeth & Anthony: A Perfect and Magical Love


Natalia & Stephen: You Make Me So Happy


Vanessa & Arthur: A Cord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken


Brittainey & Nic: God Gave Me You

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Jennifer & Ricardo: I’ll Be Your Best Friend

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Diana & Wally: Our Journey to Perfect Love

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Whitney & Jeremy: Mr and Mrs Always and Forever

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Jennifer & Ricardo: Our Love Story

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Catherine & Morgan: Meant to Be Together

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Sadiah & Ehsan: Love and Happiness

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Alisha & Jarrod: I Give You My Hand, My Home, My Heart


Paige & Casey: We’ll Be a Team

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Katie & Sam: Will Love You Forever


Adriana & Victor: Our Love Story

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Tarah & Jordan: I’ll Give You the Best of Myself

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Traci & Cody: A Lifetime of Being With You

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Michelle & Jon: We Can Make it Through Anything

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Ogonna & Chiedu: In Good Times and in Bad

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Paige & Casey: We’ll Make Each Other Stronger


MacGregor & Jonathan: A Great and Pure Love


Amanda & Jon: Have Been Waiting For This Day


Madalyn & Devon: A Commitment For Life


Esther & Edward: We’ll Always Be Together


Nida & Hammad: You Make Me Smile


Fiona & Kehinde: The One I Waited For


Ankita & Akshay: Our Wedding


Louise & Philip: They Lived Happily Ever After


Zahabia & Abbas: Our Wedding


Katia: My Sweet Sixteen


Riley & Justin: Two Love Birds


Evoni & Oliver: Perfect for Each Other

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Bimbo & Seun: A Cord of Three Strands is not Easily Broken


Christian & Robin: I Love You So Much


Stephanie & Bryan: I Love You to the Moon and Back


Keandra & Donald: I’m Soaked in Your Love


Traci & Will: Welded Together as Life Partners


Theresa & Jose: They Lived Happily Ever After

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Jacqueline & Job: A Long and Everlasting Love


Laura & Tony: Everything Brought Me To You


Carmen & Al: For A Hundred Years to Come


Sarah & David: You Are Consecrated to Me