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Hello, my name is Daniel and I am a wedding videographer and photographer. I film weddings in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and all their surrounding areas.

My biggest passion is God, the Creator of the universe. He’s the greatest Artist that I admire the most. His love is my inspiration.

I love French literature, comedy, gospel music, mango smoothie from Starbucks, vanilla frosty from Wendy’s and fruit salad from Luby’s. Tyler Perry is my favorite movie actor and director. “Why Did I Get Married?” comes at the top of the list of my favorite movies.

My family means the world to me. I’m married to the most beautiful woman the world has ever known. She’s my partner, my best friend, my girlfriend, my advisor, my helper, my queen, my future, my confidence and the reason why I’m the happiest man on earth.

God has blessed us with three adorable, charming and lovely children. We all love to play basketball, swim, snuggle up in a tiny couch and watch a family movie. “Facing The Giants” is probably the movie we like the most.

When my wife and I were expecting our first child, I went and bought a small Sony camcorder so as to video-document the whole pregnancy process, the delivery and the growing of our little baby boy. As I videotaped the first cute smile and laughing of our son, I discovered a new passion in me, the passion of capturing precious, irreplaceable, beautiful moments of our lives. This passion hasn’t left me since then.

It didn’t take long before close friends would ask me to film their weddings. These first videos were very basic. I used to upload the footage to my computer, put clips together and burn the result onto a disc. However, in my heart, I always wanted to do more than that. I wanted to tell the story of the day artistically, I wanted the video to be captivating, so captivating that the wedding couple would want to watch it again and again and share it with their family and friends. Today, I’m proud of working with amazing couples that allow me to use my artistic vision and create for them beautiful films that they all cherish.

We’ll simply be honored to be your wedding videographers and photographers and film your wedding with our artistic and storytelling style. We can’t wait to meet with you and know more about the beauty and significance of your special day.

Please, email, text, give us a call or fill the form below to secure our availability and chat about creating the wedding film that preserves all the details and emotions of your wedding day. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us at danielkavideo@yahoo.com, give us a call at 512-939-1538 or fill the form below:


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