Clary & Scott: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than You

Main Highlight film of Clary and Scott’s wedding at The Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture in Downtown Dallas, Texas on Saturday February 23, 2013.

What a wonderful time I had filming Clary and Scott’s wedding!!! The event has been unique in several ways: a 20-people wedding party, events taking place in 3 different locations in downtown Dallas, send-off to a horse cart, photo sessions before and after the ceremony, music by a band at the reception….The whole day was filled with laughing, surprises and excitement.

Clary and Scott have totally impressed me with their cheerfulness. They prepared their wedding as the biggest day of their lives and they made sure that they had fun and enjoyed every bit of it. Their guests have also been amazingly joyful, showing in every possible way how much they love the couple and they wish them all the best.

Thank you Clary and Scott for granting me such a precious privilege of capturing the bests moments of your special day. I feel blessed because I met both of you. Wish you a life full of joy and happiness together!

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