Elizabeth & Taylor: To have and To Hold, From This Day Forward…

Highlight film of Elizabeth and Taylor’s wedding at a private ranch in Austin, TX and The Grille at Rough Hollow in Lakeway, TX on Saturday September 28th, 2013.

Being a part of this special day was such a great experience. Elizabeth and Taylor are so beautiful and amazing together. I was totally impressed by the romantic spark between them…a powerful chemistry that words can’t effectively describe. It’s always very beautiful to capture the precious memories of two people who are connected so emotionally, so intellectually, and so romantically. I think, in addition to the filming of the various events that take place at a wedding, it’s important for a wedding videographer to also capture and eternalize the invisible yet tangible current of electricity that connects the bride and groom.

Elizabeth and Taylor, you are a perfect match! It’s clear that you were meant to be together. I believe, if distance wasn’t able to break your love, nothing else will. Congratulations on your extraordinarily terrific wedding…you are simply the best!

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