Erin & Chris: Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line

Highlight film of Erin and Chris’ wedding at the Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood, Texas on Saturday October 19th, 2013.

Erin and Chris are a happy couple. And, as their Best Man said during the toast: “they are perfect for each other and they are going to make each other’s dreams come true”. Although happiness in love can’t be arithmetically measured or described, it still can be felt or seen. Erin and Chris’ happiness was so tangible that everybody spoke about it. It didn’t take me long to realize how much they are meant for each other. To me, they are like a camera and a lens, a keyboard and a mouse or a phone and its battery….just perfect for each other!

Erin and Chris, thank you so much for having given me the opportunity of filming your beautiful wedding. Was a great honor for me to know you. I don’t know who decorated your wedding venue but I wanted to tell you that they did such an amazing job. That was the best decorated wedding ever! Wish you both many many years of endless happiness in your marriage.

Comment from: Janet, mother of the bride

Awesome job! You did an amazing job and we enjoyed working with you!

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