Sowmia & Matthew: You and I, in Joy and Happiness without End

Highlight film of Sowmia and Matt’s Hindu and Jewish wedding at the Austin Hindu Temple in Austin, TX on Friday November 29, 2013 and Memory Lane Event Center in Dripping Springs, TX on Saturday November 30, 2013.

2013 was a year of wonderful intercultural weddings. Sowmia and Matt’s special days were fantastically eventful and romantically unique. On Friday Nov. 29th, we had the great privilege of filming the Hindu wedding ceremony. This is one of the oldest and richest wedding traditions in the world. It’s a colorful event with meaningful rituals and beautiful symbolism. The groom and the bride went through all the steps…successfully! Congratulations Sowmia and Matt, you were so beautiful together (was incredibly fun & romantic to watch you play the rolling-the-coconut game).

The next day, we witnessed the Jewish wedding ceremony in Dripping Springs. The rabbi was so much fun, no doubt about that. The couple were so in love with one another that each of their eye contact seemed to freeze time. Magical moment! At the reception, guests didn’t want it to end. The DJ’s last song wasn’t the last. Guests shout-requested one more song…we all wanted to spend more time with the couple.

Sowmia and Matt, big congratulations on your amazing wedding days! Believe me, your union is a great example of what true love should be like. Your marriage is indeed making the world a better place. Thank you for the honor of being a part of your celebrations. Wish you many many many years of joy and happiness!

Comment by Sowmia: “Oh my goodness!!! The video is amazing….thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to receive the full videos :)”

Comment by Krishnan Sridhar: “Great to watch the video. I really enjoyed it. The celebration was excellent and the entire guest enjoyed the occasion.”

Comment by Jayashree Govindarajan: “Very Nice. Great celebrations. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Happy married life Sowmia and Matt.”

3 Comments on “Sowmia & Matthew: You and I, in Joy and Happiness without End

  1. Great to watch the video.I really enjoyed it. The celebration was excellent
    and the entire guest enjoyed the occasion

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