Jessica & JaRod: As Long As We Both Shall Live…

Highlight film of Jessica and JaRod’s wedding at Villa St. Clair in Manor, TX on Friday February 21, 2014.

The day was superbly fun and great, filled with unforgettable memories. The most intense moment, I think, occurred when the bride walked down the aisle. More than one person had tears in their eyes. The groom’s face lit up with joy and passion as if he was seeing his bride for the first time. The bride’s smile was indescribably beautiful. Time seemed to freeze so as to allow the couple to absorb all the beauty of their special day.

Congratulations Jessica and JaRod on your beautiful wedding. What a fantastic wedding party you had!!! Everyone seemed to have an incredible sense of humor. I wish you both many many years of joy, happiness and love!

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