Jamie & Eli: With You Forever Won’t Be Long

Highlight film of Jamie and Eli’s wedding at Aristide Event center in Mansfield, TX on Sunday April 27, 2014.

Jamie and Eli have an amazing love story. They met online, then, decided to meet in person at a Starbucks cafe. As Eli describes the experience, he says he had a crush a first sight. Fantastic love story!

From the first time I met the couple (by the way, at a Starbucks cafe as well :), I could sense their love had something indescribably special. The bond between them is so genuine and strong that it feels like they have been best friends since kindergarden. That feeling was even more perceptible on their wedding day, their splendid wedding day. Eli did what a tiny number of grooms do: write and sing a love song to their bride. The words were sincere and powerful: “Jamie, with you forever won’t be long, my life is empty without you, I love You, Adore you, Mi Amore…”

Jamie and Eli, you were created to live together. Heavens have brought you together, heavens will keep your love strong forever! I wish you many decades of joy and happiness.

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