Arissa and Nikhil: You’re All I Want

Highlight film of Arissa and Nikhil’s wedding day at the Mansion—Texas Federation Women’s Club Mansion— in Austin, TX on Saturday August 2, 2014.

We feel so lucky to have been selected as the photographers and videographers for the union of Arissa and Nikhil. They are a gorgeous and amazing couple that love each other so deeply. Their special day was full of joy, happiness, colors, laughter and of course dances! Arissa and Nikhil did their first dance on the magnificent stage of the Mansion; a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget. The fantastic event continued until late at night and when it ended, it felt like the whole day lasted only an hour.

Arissa and Nikhil, thank you for trusting us with the task of capturing your precious memories. Your wedding was indeed one of the most beautiful events we ever recorded on film. My team and I pray that your love may last forever and together, you may achieve all your dreams!

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