Tara & Joe: The Joy is in the Journey

Highlight film of Tara and Joe’s wedding at the Hilton Hotel Dallas/Southlake Town Square in Southlake, TX on Friday February 27, 2015.

The couple’s wedding day started with some serious troubles. The weather throughout the Dallas Metroplex was so dangerously icy and snowy that a lot of businesses and institutions decided to shut down for the day. Some hours before their wedding celebration, Tara and Joe found themselves without a venue and a DJ. Many couples might have simply cancelled and postponed their wedding.  But, Tara and Joe still believed in their big day and nothing could stop them from celebrating their marital union. The wedding was soon relocated to a different venue, another DJ was luckily found and the information about the move was quickly communicated to all family and friends.

The wedding turned out to be an amazingly beautiful event. Family and friends braved the Dallas weather to come and express their love and support to the couple. The snow outside the hotel made everything look unique and magical. Inside, the ballroom was bustling with abundant joy and laughter. And, Tara and Joe delighted their guests with a rare treat:  the fast-paced drawing of portraits by two talented event caricaturists. This surely was an awesome addition to the wedding since it helped make the event so memorable for everybody.

Tara and Joe, I admire you so much. I admire your kindness, your sweet spirit and your passion for each other. What I admire the most is your faith in your special day. Congratulations on putting together such a fantastic celebration despite all the setbacks. May your marriage conquer all obstacles, overcome all challenges and be filled with a never-ending happiness!

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