Karen & Anthony: Our Love Will Last Forever

Highlight film of Karen and Anthony’s wedding at Safari Texas Ranch on Saturday August 22, 2015.

They are young, kind, passionate about each other and they make a gorgeous couple. Karen and Anthony met when they were both in college and their love has kept growing over the years. Because of the genuine commitment they demonstrate to their union, I have no doubt that their marriage will last forever. Karen and Anthony’s wedding at Safari Texas Ranch in Houston was a gigantic celebration of love and friendship. Family and friends came from various horizons to support this beautiful couple and bless them with their love and attention. The wedding reception was eventful and so colorful. Everybody danced with an overwhelming joy that saturated the four walls of the splendid ballroom. What I enjoyed filming the most was the happiness of not only the couple but their parents as well. Karen and Anthony are blessed with lovely parents who are truly happy about their union.

Karen and Anthony, thank you for allowing me to capture the most special day of your marriage. Working with you two has been a wonderful experience. A bright and successful future lies ahead of you. Stay always committed to the vows you made and the Lord will continue to bless your home with overflowing prosperity, love and happiness.

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